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In our day and age we are all blessed with the technology to run a home business, and not just work from home but wherever we can get an internet connection. We can even run a business from a phone. When people want to enter into a home business they must realize that one home business out of ten will survive five years. The same statistics hold true for the next five years. All in all, ninety nine percent of businesses will fail. This statistic holds true for small, medium to large businesses as well.

So you are probably asking, How can I win with the numbers against me? You can be a success in the home business but you must understand the downside when you start. Knowing that there is a huge failure rate you know that you need to get a mentor to guide you while you are building a business. You know that you dont want to listen to someone who follows strategies of lack instead of abundance. Most home businesses follow a process of duplication. They duplicate the same model that their up-line did and most all fail, therefore they are duplicating failure. Another way to explain it is running a home business from the bottom up and not the top down.

Running a home business is serious and must be treated as a major undertaking. So before you start a business get a good mentor and interview the mentor. Make sure the mentor has the ability to get you to the top and that the mentor understands the home business success curve. A good mentoring program is Mentors on a Mission that is marketed by systems owners of Jaguar Marketing Systems. You can get assistance at Dr. Raymond Jewells Jaguar Marketing System, and also get our Partner Development Program that tracks the home business builders progress every step of the way. [You can get the website address in the resources box below.] No matter what your education you should have a mentor watch over your shoulder to make sure that you are doing the right things.

When we mentor our clients we are able to teach how to achieve 10K week income and build your business from the top down. You are taught how to hire a sales manager and a sales force, on commission, to actually handle the sales part of the business. We teach you how to get proper accounting in place and get an accountant that understands how to maximize the tax code. You get on-line classroom instruction on what to do and how to do it taught by people who are actually running successful home businesses. We teach your Account Executives what to do and how to do it. You dont get involved in fact we make sure that you run your business instead of working as an employee in your business. We teach you how to market the Mentors on a Mission mentoring course and believe me it will attract people like a magnet, or you can market any product through this process.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is really serious about running a successful home business. We would be glad to give you more information just click on the sign up link below this article. If you want to call us call 1-800-727-2353 and ask for Rachel Coleman.


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